Online Resources

AHi Western Cape

AHi Western Cape is the independent organization of and for self-employed entrepreneurs who run businesses at their own risk and using their own resources. AHi Western Cape aims to unite, advise and inform real entrepreneurs as well as to promote their socio-economic and societal interests through a network of business chambers in the Western Cape.

10x Covid-19 Survival Toolkit for Business

10x and Edge Growth have collated over 200 valuable resources for SA businesses organised under five phases: 'Awareness', 'React: Urgent operational challenges', 'Respond: Survival and stabilisation', 'Lead: Strategic adjustments', and 'Scale: Preparing for the next wave'. This toolkit is accessible via Airtable and is updated regularly as new info and resources emerge.

Endeavor Managing Through Crisis

Resource Centre for Entrepreneurs Endeavor South Africa has created a resource page for entrepreneurs to assist them to manage through crisis. The page is updated weekly with new information, upcoming events and webinars, as well as video content, articles and resources for start-ups and teams.

African Management Initiative (AMI) Business Survival Bootcamp

The AMI Bootcamp comprises a free 90-minute interactive webinar led by AMI's expert facilitators, access to an online survival toolkit, and the opportunity to connect with other African entrepreneurs who are also navigating the challenges of COVID-19.

OfferZen Covid-19 Resources

OfferZen's blog is packed with valuable resources for businesses on effective remote working, team engagement, digital events and recruitment during the pandemic, drawing insights from leaders and businesses across SA's tech community.

Me We Us Ebook from DY/DX

Digital Transformation Agency DY/DX has created a free ebook to help businesses thrive as digital teams. The book is a collection of actionable insights and tools that can be used alongside the Culture Canvas tool and ebook also developed by the team.

Western Cape Government Red Tape Reduction – How to start a small business

One of the most frequent frustrations of businesses contacting the Red Tape Reduction Business Support Helpline Service was around the process for starting a small business. The Red Tape Reduction unit has developed a really easy to engage video tutorial to demonstrate the key steps, and thoughts to consider when wanting to start a business. It is an introductory video to test your business idea before preparing the necessary documents and taking steps to run your own business, as well as a guide to doing business with the Western Cape Government.

Facebook Entrepreneur Communities

Lulalend Small Business Unlocked

An online community for SA SMEs to connect and support each other. Daily tips, article shares and engagement between entrepreneurs. Lulalend also provides loan funding for businesses.

The Koi Group for Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Run by Neil Hinrichsen of the Koi Platform, this group regularly shares SA entrepreneurship resources, opportunities, events, ideas, requests and achievements.

Yoco Small Business Community

A space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to connect, share and learn together. Yoco is also running a weekly “Yoco Meets” webinar series, interviewing entrepreneurs on key topics. Yoco also has a great webpage for SMMEs.