About Us

The advancement of entrepreneurship is critical for the sustainability of the local business sector. Stilbaai Business Chamber provide a home for all entrepreneurs thus our slogan of “In the heart of business and wellbeing of the community”.

The Stilbaai business chamber is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Stilbaai, Jongensfontein and Melkhoutfontein area so that its citizens and all areas of the business community shall prosper.

Representing 150+ businesses

The Stilbaai Business Chamber (Stilbaai Sakekamer) is currently represent more than a 150 businesses in and around the western coast of South Africa. The Chamber is currently affiliated with the SBI and the AHI WP.

Non-Profit Organization

The Business Chamber is a non-profit business organization which is supported by the membership fees and volunteer services of our members. We invest in our youth by providing at least 3 study bursaries annually.

The Voice of Business

The Business Chamber serves as a voice of business to promote a positive business environment through cooperative efforts with local governments and the other business and community organizations such as the AHI, EDP, EIA and other appropriate forums.


Position / Posisie

Incumbent / Posbekleer

Chairperson / Voorsitter

Vice-Chairperson / Ondervoorsitter

Treasurer / Tesourier

Managing Members / Bestuurs Lede

Dr Rene Haarhoff

Francois Smit

Maarten Roode

Willie Delport

Helene Strauss

Johan Kriel

Francois Theron

Corne du Preez

Jacques Hefer

Tertius Haak